Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable, unbiased financial advice to military families. We will provide education and advice on complex financial matters with issues specific to military families.

Our goal

Focusing on financial opportunities will help you take advantage of all the unique opportunities the military affords you. I want to give you financial guidance, yes, but financial guidance with the knowledge of topics of specific concern to military families.

Trisuli Financial is a fee-only financial planning firm.


  • We focus on cash flow planning

  • We expect that in the first month we will meet approximately 3-4 times

  • We expect the relationship to last at least a year

  • We provide financial advice around all elements of your financial life

  • We will build a financial plan

  • In that plan will be an individualized annual calendar of financial topics

  • We will decide upon tasks to execute in the coming 90 days

  • We will meet no less than quarterly in the first year to execute the plan and its tasks


As a fiduciary, we are required to place your interests ahead of our own.  We must clearly disclose all of our fees and any conflicts of interest we may have.  Above anything else, we are client-focused.

We are a fee-only financial planning firm.  This means that we get paid directly by our clients.  We don't receive any commissions or sell financial products.  We don't have any incentive to recommend any financial product we don't truly believe you need.  You can count on us to offer unbiased advice and have your best interests in mind.  

We are an independent financial advisory firm, meaning that we don't represent any other company.  We work independently for our clients.  We will perform a thorough assessment of your financial situation, and together we will have the freedom to choose from multiple options to best meet your needs.


We pride ourselves on being dependable in a number of ways.  We know financial questions don’t always come up between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, and sometimes you need answers right away.  Because we are a family-focused firm, you can always call us directly, no matter the day or time.  When we don’t have an answer for you right away, we promise to work together to help you find the answers you need.  

We know there is a lot of industry jargon and some financial advice can be confusing to understand.  It’s important to us that you understand our recommendations for you.  We will commit to providing you with straightforward and transparent advice, and we will do our best to clearly explain things to you.  

Getting on track financially can require a lot of actions on your end.  We will provide you with the ongoing support you need and hold you accountable to making the changes that we recommend.