15. Military and Mindful, Lessons in Balancing Your Career and Family Life

Scott has Benefsheh Verell on the show today. She is a military spouse, mom, author, and just recently retired from the Army herself. She practices yoga, meditation, and advocates that the Army teaches meditation and mindfulness practices in basic training. She believes this would help prepare soldiers for the stress of the military, family life, and the trauma they may face. She is a member of the board of directors for 'Warriors at Ease,' an organization founded to bring the power of yoga and meditation to military communities around the world.

Benef believes that if soldiers are taught mental training along with physical exercise, they might be able to handle the stress, they endure a little bit better. Meditation teaches focus and allows the mind to be in the moment.

This is a conversation about taking care of the mind as well as the body. It's about learning to live in the moment and increasing your quality of life. Benef was in the military for 20 years. She has been there and felt the stress and loneliness. She found a way of coping and has made it her mission to teach others to endure.

Highlights from Episode 15

[01:13] Welcome to the show, Benef!

[01:26] They discuss her book and what prompted her to write it.

[02:52] Benef says she set out to write a book on mindful travel, but her course took her a different direction.

[03:28] She says she can't control outside actions, but she can control her reactions.

[05:24] Benef tells us a story about traffic in DC and how angry she got at someone that cut her off.

[07:21] Do you know how to practice meditation and mindfulness? Benef explains it for us.

[10:55] She believes that mindfulness needs to be taught in basic training to give mental discipline along with the physical.

[13:02] Listen to find out if meditation and mindfulness can help with it.

[15:02] Benef discusses putting in a meditation requirement during PT, maybe while stretching.

[17:05] If you see someone do something, does it make it easier for you to support it?

[19:04] She talks about ways to make things fun.

[20:55] She speaks to us about the transition from active duty to retired and how difficult it was.

[25:44] She discusses Warriors at Ease the program she set up for meditation and yoga for military personnel.

[27:36] They train yoga instructors to bring yoga and meditation practices to military populations around the world.

[29:26] Benef's program works with the DOD to train them in meditation.

[29:54] She chats about being at West Point, worrying about her kids while she was working and thinking about work while she was at home.

[32:00] Have you ever gone to a yoga retreat? What did you learn?

[34:01] Learning to be in the moment increased her quality of life 100%.

[34:26] Benef's final thoughts and advice.

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