12. Don’t Go Crazy while Making College Choices.

Are you freaking out about how you're going to pay for your kid to go to college?  This episode for is for you, we interview Nannette Kamien the author of “Crazy College Money”.  Nannette created Inspiration Financial Planning in 2015 after seeing how hard it was to find affordable, objective, financial advice tailored to her peers and colleagues. She was frustrated with the traditional wealth management industry where only those who were already wealthy could receive unbiased advice billed based on the size of their investment portfolio.   This drove her to write the book “Crazy College Money”.  With all the news about the student loan crisis, college admissions scandals, and ever-rising college costs, it's easy to get caught up in the crazy that is the college admissions process. Nannette starts with the root of all this crazy - the emotions and experiences of you, the parents. She believes paying for college is as much (if not more) an emotional decision as a financial one.  Based on her work with families of college-bound kids, she shares her process and expertise to help you make smart money decisions, instead of crazy ones.  You’ll stop wishing for the Financial Aid Fairy to arrive and stop using hope as a strategy to pay for college and learn to rely on yourself and become a smart consumer of a college education, without going crazy.  She can be reached at her website:  www.crazycollegemoney.com

Episode Highlights:

•Developing your College Money Philosophy

•Assessing your College Money Reality

•Having the College Money Talk with your children

•Figuring out who you should trust

•Knowing how much you can afford to pay

•Understanding the Financial Aid Process and the Financial Aid Award Letter

•Choosing the right major and school for your family

•Evaluating alternatives to buying into the hype