News Articles

Below you will find articles which I have written or been quoted in. These articles provide a good source of information for you on various financial topics.


Cash Crunch: Seniors Are Falling Short on Generating Retirement Income

An article in “The” which highlights the pressure on soon to be and retired individuals are facing while trying to fund their retirement.

The 7 Biggest Retirement-Planning Mistakes to Avoid

An article on “” highlighting mistakes to avoid while planning for retirement.

How to make good financial decisions

An article on “CU” which discusses options and suggestions to make good financial decisions.

Military to Civilian Life: Overcoming Financial Challenges

An article on the transition from military to civilian life.

How to Find a Great 529 Plan to Pay for College

An article about the 529 plan and saving for college. It gives some good advice about finding a good 529 plan.

Can a CD Loan Help You Build Credit or Tap Emergency Cash?

An article in the “Simple” about using a CD loan to help build credit.

5 signs you might be ready to retire early

An article about signs you might consider if you think you are ready for an early retirement.

Financial Literacy Training May be Best Way to Improve College Graduation Rates.

An article on the Financial Educators council page about financial literacy and college graduation.